Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Not-New-Year's Resolution

Today is Day 2 of my new diet + workout routine.  So far, it's actually been going really well, but, it's only Day 2 haha.

Junior year of college is when my regular working out began fading very quickly.  As my schedule got more busy, the less I paid attention to what I was eating, and the less time I had for working out!  I began eating nearly every meal on the go.... grabbing whatever was easy and eating it in class or in a short 5-10 minute sitting before my meeting, class, or rehearsal.  Soon, any spare hour of free time was naptime or time with friends, instead of working out or spending time to eat a relaxed, healthy meal.

I've decided to get started in the process of reversing all of those terrible habits that got started in college.  So, I'm cracking down 3 main categories to maintain a healthier lifestyle:

- Drinking lots of water, daily (a minimum of 75 oz., and maximum of 125 oz. per day)

- Eating a carefully balanced & calorie-counted diet (between 1000-1500 cal. per day)

- Working out regularly (no less than 2 times a week... aiming for 4-5 times per week)

I'm hoping to post occasional updates on how this is going.  Don't worry, I'm not turning this blog into a diet & workout blog (hah, I could never keep that going).  But, in a way it's at least one more source of accountability, knowing that... oh yes... people will read this!  My sister is actually helping hold me accountable as well... I'm sending her daily food intake updates.  It's exhausting thinking so hard about what I'm eating, but I know that once I get into a routine, it will be so much easier and I won't have to think about it hardly at all!  So.... on to the next day.... !

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