Friday, January 8, 2010

Fantasy Football Champion!

Because I don't think people will believe me unless I post this:


Megan, Congrats are in order for our new fantasy champion, Team Megan (Megan Sauder, for those thrown off by her team name). She succeeded in a little used strategy in fantasy football: do as little as possible and still demolish everyone. In all seriousness though, this points to her ability to draft well, and she did make some key switches in the middle of the season. For her efforts, she will be awarded a prize soon.

Congrats to Team CG for a great run as well, including defeating the very tough Team Micah in the playoffs. Fittingly, the only 2 teams to defeat Micah were the 2 teams that met in the championship game, Megan & CG.

Also, Team CG ended the season with the highest coaching rating, so Dave Affholter will receive an award as well. Both Megan's & Dave's awards will be listed once they have been attained.

Thanks to all owners for playing this year. This was the most exciting fantasy year to date, as all teams could have made the playoffs the last regular season game. That is unprecedented. Your support for our league is appreciated greatly and helps it to continue. We hope all of you will play with us again next year.

Have a great offseason and...

Go Colts!


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