Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Some lyrics I whipped up this morning. Excuse the lack of refinement.

© 2010 Megan Sauder

Let it be
The first tear upon your cheek
The last worry upon your brow
The first sigh of deep relief
When the fear is gone for now

Can you see
A ray of hope in the distance
A bright star’s entrancing light
A shimmer of greatest joy
When there’s no need for might

What became of
Peace when the road is rocky
Faith when there seems to be no end
Love to the broken hearted
When there’s hope to be giv’n

I know now that
This isn’t the only thing in life
The world is hurting all around
Will you join me in surrendering
Pick up the pieces from the ground
Yes I know this isn’t the only thing in life
There is hope to be found

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