Sunday, April 11, 2010

(above) My roommate, Sezen, and I at The Viper Room seeing Some Hear Explosions perform live!

I know I haven't been writing much lately. Honestly, I think it's because I've been writing updates to all of the people who get my "Adventures in L.A." Facebook messages... it's my way of letting people in on what's happening out in L.A. without having to write the same thing over and over again to tons of people. There's 158 members in that group that I send out my periodic updates to... I'm pretty surprised that there are 158 people in my life who really want to read about some girl's 3-month experience living in Los Angeles, doing an internship at Filter Magazine. I like to think of it as a compliment... that I'm decent at writing, have semi-interesting things going on in my life, and that people like me haha. For being a people-pleaser, it's a great boost in my confidence.

I am leaving Los Angeles in only 2-3 weeks (depending on when I book a flight or decide to roadtrip it back home). I'm very sad about leaving. I'm not in a "I'm going to cry" sort of emotional state with the whole thing.... it's more of a bittersweet, "I hope to return soon", type of feeling. I've started some great friendships here, but haven't really had long enough to fully cultivate them and experience the deep, meaningful side of them. They've remained fairly surface level, which in itself has still been a huge encouragement in a big, new city. The people I met at church are awesome... I love seeing them every week, I love that we get lunch together each week, and I love that we just have fun and laugh and hang out. I definetely wanted more.... wanted to see them not just on Sundays, but at a coffee shop, or a local show, or at a house-warming party. But, that just wasn't possible since I don't have a vehicle and don't live near any of them. Oh well. If I return to L.A. later this year, I hope to live in Pasadena which is much closer to all of those people and is also in a very beautiful location (surrounded by mountains and hills). Even if I don't return, and I never see them again, I am glad that God brought them into this season of my life and blessed me with their joy, company, and Christian fellowship.

There are a few people back home I can't wait to see. Just thinking about getting to see them makes me so happy and excited to go home! Specifically, I'm so looking forward to having a girl's night with Bree Tsuleff, visiting Valerie Prescott at TU, random doses of fun with Jonathan Goble, catching up with Amy Laur, playing volleyball with the Brookside crew, and of course my niece Nora (almost 16 months) and nephew Owen (2 years old). There are others too.... so if I didn't name you, don't freak out. Those are just people have lately been very influencial in my life and/or who I spent a lot of time with before coming out to California.

Although I'm sure I have more to say that's on my mind, I'm the urge to curl up, watch a movie, and enjoy the first day I haven't felt extremely sick in almost a week!


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