Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Last 100

So I've been wanting to learn more about being a worship leader. I'm only 22 years old (23 in only 14 days!), have had pretty much no training in worship leading, and feel like I've been thrown into this position with only the gifts God had given me.... along with a lot of His grace & mercy cushioning the fall. I decided that I would search for other blogs that other worship leaders write, to see if I can gain any insight from what they write. Needless to say, my noble pursuit came to a halting stop when I came across a blog where the guy's last entry was the last 100 songs he listened to. I read through the list. We have very similar tastes. In fact, I would say about 75 out of the 100 songs were songs I know and love. It got me thinking about what I listen to, and so I've made it my goal today to listen to 100 songs while I work, and to keep track of what they are. Should make for an interesting finished product I think. Stay tuned (no pun intended).

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