Monday, December 14, 2009

My Perception

So I wrote a new song... a while ago... but since leaving college my regular audience is no longer easily accessible, and therefore hardly anyone has heard it. I thought I might share it with you today. You can listen to a demo version of it at: I encourage you to listen to all of my songs - I love feedback! This song, however, is titled "My Perception"... I think it's always best to read the lyrics and listen at the same time. By no means is the recording on the website a finished version... in fact, it's quite the opposite. It's my very first demo recording of it for me to work off of... so you can judge me, but just don't judge me quite as harshly as you would if it were the final studio cut. The male vocals that come in on the last chorus with me are done by my talented friend, Kirk Hacker (, who so generously has been letting me use his studio for free! Talk about amazing.


My Perception
(c) 2009 Megan Sauder

Turn on the spotlight
To my insecurities
Afraid to face the spotlight
Down on my knees

I know that there's beauty
In the things I do
But why can't I see it
When I'm compared to You?

There's beauty in everything
All I see and I hear

But I just keep missing it
It would lead me to You
Please lead me to You

Cloud my perception of this world
I want to love like You love them
Heal this broken world
And I know that I've failed You
Time after time
Can You see through me
And see what's on the inside?

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